Fans waiting for movie

The most important consideration for any show business venture is the fan, the audience... the little guy who spends one billion dollars on a movie... if he (or she) likes it. Look at the people waiting in line outside of Mann's Chinese Theatre above. They are the first indicator of what will be the trend for the Summer at the box-office.

The fan has always been the most important factor in entertainment. Occasionally a big cultural change takes place. Whether it is the Berlin Wall falling down or Rock and Roll music arriving following the pregnancy that occured when blues got too friendly with country. The big entertainment conglomerates were the last to know. The fans knew it in their bones and were waiting for it before it happened.

Eons ago a cave man did his impression of a wild animal that he fought. Somebody laughed. Entertainment was born. It wasn't born with the impression but with the laugh. The first fan. Probably a family member. Maybe Mom. Still it was the first fan, the first audience.

Look again at these people who are waiting for a movie experience...

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Movie Fans

Are Fans Crazy?

Fans beating the sun as they wait for the Summer's best

Waiting in line to see a movie might seem crazy to some, but it is the first sign of a new generation speaking. The movie will be shown on the screen but without an audience... paying audience of fans, the movie will disappear from memory and importance and DVD potential.

No one waits in line happily at a post office or a bank or a K-Mart. But when you wait in line at a post office or a bank or a K-Mart it doesn't tell you anything about the future. It just tells you that the post office and the bank and the K-Mart are inefficient.

The people you see in the pictures represent millions of movie goers who will follow their footsteps into the darkened aisles of the theatre after they plunk down a picture of Alexander Hamilton and maybe a few Washingtons or a Lincoln. These people are the pioneers who can make George Lucas smile. Not smiling just because he makes a buck or two. He has money. This is culture. This is entertainment history. This is win or lose the hearts type of gambling that only the entertainer can fully appreciate. If these people are waiting for a month to see the movie... just imagine the days and nights and weeks and months the Hollywood producers have been waiting to see them.

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