Fairfax High School

Fairfax High School Fairfax High School Midway between Hollywood and the Farmer's Market.

Fairfax High School Melrose Melrose Entrance to Fairfax High Beautiful building with a rich history.

Fairfax High Sign Fairfax Sign Another view of Fairfax High School.


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Hollywood High School

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Fairfax High on Melrose

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Fairfax High School is located not too far from Hollywood Blvd. and Highland if you like to walk. I have walked to the school from The Chinese Theatre in about 45 minutes. If you feel like riding a city bus, the #217 bus on Hollywood Blvd. going West turns left (South) on Fairfax. You will want to get off at Melrose. As of this writing the bus ride will cost $1.25 or if you want to take buses to several places while you are visiting, you can buy a day pass for $5. Ride all day long for that amount if you so desire. Seniors get a big discount. Fairfax High School had many "celebrity" graduates including Mickey Rooney (The Mick attended both Hollywood High and Fairfax High School at different times.), Ricardo Montalban, Phil Spector and Demi Moore "dropped in" and then "dropped out." Fairfax High is near the corner of Melrose and Fairfax, about one mile West of LaBrea and two miles South of Hollywood Blvd. Fairfax High School is actually not located in Hollywood, but it is close enough to be in the general area. It is near CBS TV Center and Farmer's Market.

Hollywood High School

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